Friday, 13 March 2015

Fast paced death...

Hello friends!
Have you ever read something that you didn't understand in the Bible? Its annoying isn't it? But, what did you do? Did you carry on reading it anyways or did you stop, thought about it and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you?

It happened to me this morning (yes, it happens to everyone) and, though it can be quite annoying, the pleasure of discovering what it means it is far much greater :)))

We have heard several times that there are sins and sins. Though everything that is wrong is a sin, there are those that lead to a quick, fast paced death. 

How so?

There are things we do (mistakes) that we only realise after it was already done but, there are others that we are full aware of it, and yet still choose to go ahead and do it anyways thinking "oh, everybody does it anyways."

Now, these are the most dangerous sin and can indeed lead to death. No wonder there a loads of weak Christians all around.

You know those things the Holy Spirit speaks directly to us to stop or start doing? Every time we choose to turn a bling eye or ears, a part of our spirit dies.

It doesn't matter who is or isn't doing it. If the Holy Spirit revealed to us, its our duty to listen! 

This is the Faith that lift us up and keep us strong! The sacrificial Faith that moves us to fear and listen to God's voice!

A person who live this Faith is never weak, downcast or sad. On the contrary, she is full of life and this life overflows to every one arounds her.

Isn't that great!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Get up and fly!

Today I woke and was surprised by what I heard...
As I opened my eyes and talked with my Father (in bed still :-)), I asked Him what He would like from me today.

The night before I knew that my day would be packed. There were so many things to be done and I knew that I needed His strength and guidance, so I asked:

"Father, where would You like me to start?  What would You like from me today?"

And He answered: "I want you to look after yourself!"

This simple words meant so much!!!
I then realised how badly I was treating myself :(  I was working  hard and making sure to look after every precious soul my Father by His infinity mercy had trusted in my care but, I was forgetting to include myself in this list of soul...

How so? By not making it a point to do for myself the things things that no one else can, like:

*Exercising  as I am not getting any younger. 
*Having some "me time" where I can just relax, look out the window and up to the sky or, go to the park and touch the grass.  LOL! Call me crazy,  but I love to do those things :)
*Make time to just seat and enjoy my son's  company as I know I won't  have him around for much longer for he is growing and developing  beautifully  :) 
*Planning  and following up health diet.

Well, I will just stop here as the list can be quite long! What matters now is for me to start taking actions in regards the things He told me and move on! :)

I know it is quite painful to see the things that we are not being good at, but, only then we can do something about it and change.

What about for you? Are you aware of the things you need to focus on at this moment or are you just going with the flow?  If yes, it won't  help for you to just seat there, contemplate or lament!  Get up and make things happen :)

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

A revelation...

Its so good to hear God's voice...
Many people long to interact with friends and they feel lonely when left alone but, those who have Him by their side are never lonely!

At about 3 days ago something caught my attention as I was reading my Bible, and I have been thinking about that ever since...

Do you know that verse that says that the perfect love cast away all fear? Well, it got me thinking...

What is this perfect love?
Who has got this perfect love?

And so I remembered another verse...

That God so LOVED the world, that He gave...

So here is my answer :))))

The perfect love is the Faith to Sacrifice for what is important to me. And in my case, there is nothing more important than my salvation and relationship with my Father.

What about for you?
What is important to you?
Do you love it enough in order to sacrifice for it?

May our Lord bless you abundantly :)
See you soon!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Who doesn't want to be perfect?
Who doesn't want to be and look their best?
And when I say "look" I am not referring to the physical appearance only but rather about the image people have of us.

But the questions is, what does perfection mean?
To me it mean to acknowledge my weaknesses and fight to turn them into strength!

To be humble to know that there are things in me that shouldn't be and qualities that I need to have and I still don't.

This humbleness will lead me to search.
This search will lead me to find and only when I find, I will then I will be able to work on it.

But, if I only search in the surface, I won't find much!
If I truly want to find diamonds in me, I need to be ready to make an internal spring cleaning.

Yes, it is tough! We get tired and feel like taking breaks every now and again. The dust and bad smell may suffocate us at times sometimes but, if we insist and don't give up we will be rewarded with a beautiful and shining new "Us".

My dear, don't be deceived thinking that just because there are still lots to be changed in you, that you are not beautiful! As long as you are humble, sincere and of Faith you are beautiful and perfect in His eyes :))))

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Blessing in disguise!

It is not because we are facing problems that we necessary have a problem!

How do I know that?

Because I have experienced something recently that made me realize this.

For some reason I found myself not being as wise as I would like to be. And, consequently making the wrong choices and decisions. 

Then what happened? I became frustrated with my self and started asking God: "What is my problem? What is wrong with me and why am I making so many mistakes?"

As usual, the answer doesn't come immediately lol! (It is all part of His plan :)... But I persisted and carried on asking God to show it to me. When one evening whilst taking a shower He told me: "My daughter, I am blessing you, can't you see?! I am allowing all these things to happen because I have bigger plans for you!"

Amazing isn't it!!!

Can you see? God was using the problems to strengthen and prepare me for greater things that are yet to come. Though I don't see it, but I believe! :)

This is the type of faith that He wants us to have! A positive faith and not a negative one.

So, the next time the devil tries to use the problems to put you down, stand your ground! And on it's due time you will flourish just like the garden of Eden :)))

Has this helped you in any way?
Share with me :)

Kisses and see you next time!